Hidden technology has always been an interesting topic to most of the people. People are fascinated to know how these devices work and what they are used for. If you have a cell phone and you are not aware of the fact that it is capable of doing a lot more than just calling people or sending messages. There are a lot of features hidden in your cell phone that you don’t know about. TechEnergy pro is the best way to get detailed info on essential things you must know about hidden technology.

It has become very common that you hear a friend of yours complaining about something weird happening in his/her cell phone. And when you check it out, you will find that the person is actually experiencing something that he/she didn’t know about.

Here are 4 essential things you must know about hidden technology:

1) Location Based Services

Every cell phone is equipped with a location based service (LBS). This is basically a software that tracks the position of your phone and tells you what is happening around you. It also allows you to check in to your favorite places. This is a great tool for finding the places you have visited and for checking the location of your friends.

2) Text Message Forwarding

Most of the cell phones are capable of forwarding texts. The forward feature lets you forward your text messages to another number, so that your friends can reach you. The forwarded texts will be received as a message on your main cell phone.

3) Call Waiting

This is the most common feature of the cell phone. If you have missed a call while you were talking to someone else, then you will get a prompt on your screen to let you know that you are being called.

4) Text Messaging

Text messaging is an extremely powerful feature of the cell phones. Now, if you don’t want to talk to your friends, you can just type a text message and send it to them.

Now you know that the cell phone is not just a device that you carry with you, but it has many features that you didn’t know about.

Smartphone has many features which are unknown to most people. We don’t even know that there is something hidden inside our phone, but we know that it has a great potential.

The smartphone has the following features:

Voice recognition

Voice recognition is a feature that allows the users to talk to their phones without touching it. The voice recognition allows the user to simply talk to the smartphone and it will listen to you.

Speech recognition

This is a feature which allows the user to speak to the smartphone and it will understand you and respond to you.

Automatic text messaging

This feature allows the users to send the text messages to their contacts automatically. They just need to dictate the message and the smartphone will send it.

If you have a smartphone, then you should know that there is more hidden technology inside it than you can imagine. There is a hidden feature in every smartphone that makes it smarter.